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The Brasslamp Shop is dedicated to providing top quality goods that are stocked daily. We specialize in Carpentry & Alchemy items including Teleport and Recall Scrolls, Wands, Bludgeon Weapons, Polearms, Bows, & Decoration items as well as Rares & Collectible items.

Carpentry Masterworking & Enchanting can be custom ordered directly in game or here on our website!



Locations In:

Owls Head

Next to the Skills Trainer

Brittany Alleys

Row home at the main entrance


Village lot at main entrance


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sheamus-mcguinnessSheamus McGuinness is the Owner & Operator of The Brasslamp Shops. While he is a widely renown merchant throughout the lands of Novia and beyond, Sheamus enjoys a good pint and can often be found at his pub The Burly Mustache in Owl’s Head or lounging around the shop with his signature wooden tankard in hand.

In addition to his knack for buying, selling, and crafting, Sheamus is also a Council Elder and founding member of the guild Every Virtue is Lasting. Inventor of The GAUNTLET and proud captain of the EVL Gustball Team The Virtue!

Price Ticker:

Recall Scroll – 130gp | Teleport Scroll – 130gp | Wolf Speed Potion (4) – 400gp | Standard Table – 800gp | Fancy Bed – 2000gp | Suede Couch – 1500gp | Suede Wingback Chair – 1000gp | Suede Ottoman – 500gp | Wall Shelf – 200gp | Small Writing Desk – 1000gp | Large Writing Desk – 1600gp | Dinner Bench – 800gp